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For many people, manual transcription is one of the most tedious processes. As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, more and more digital content can be created. Converting podcasts to text makes episode content more accessible to listeners from different parts of the world.

Transcribe podcast episodes in +30 languages

Audiotype’s transcription tool provides users with accurate transcriptions in over 30 different languages to make podcast content more accessible. You can upload your podcast audio files and convert them to text in just a few minutes.

Every audio file format supported

Audiotype supports every file format. All you have to do is upload your video or audio recording and our automatic transcription software will send you podcast audio transcriptions in no time.

More than a podcast to text converter

Audiotype does more than just transcribe podcasts. Speakers and content creators can also take advantage of our speech recognition technology to generate subtitles as well as automatic captions for videos. Our auto transcription tool leverages natural language processing to make your video and audio content accessible to a wider audience. Thanks to audio transcription services, avid podcast listeners have access to podcast content regardless of language barriers or hearing difficulties!

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Free trial

Why pay the high price for human transcription services when you can get accurate and automatic transcripts for free? Try our free trial today!

No account needed

Audiotype is the only automatic transcription service online that doesn’t require users to create an account to transcribe podcasts. All you need to do is upload your audio file and wait a few minutes to receive your audio transcript!

Speaker identification

Our AI speech-to-text converter tool recognizes when different speakers are talking in an audio recording. Our podcast transcription software splits the content into different paragraphs when this happens to make sure you receive accurate transcripts.

Fast trancript

Our automatic speech recognition technology converts speech-to-text in a third of the duration of your podcast. This means that a 30-minute podcast only takes 10 minutes to get transcribed!

Export in preferred format

You can export your podcast in the file format of your choice. You have different audio transcription options depending on your needs (.txt, .docx, .pdf, .vtt, .srt).

Upload multiple podcasts

If you have multiple podcasts to transcribe, you can upload them all at once. You can upload up to 10 audio files at the same time to save time!

How to transcribe a podcast

1. Upload your audio file

Upload your podcast audio file to Audiotype and choose the language of your podcast. You can upload your file from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.

2. Click Transcribe

Our Audio transcription tool saves you hours of transcription by making manual transcription a thing of the past. AI algorithms take care of accurately transcribing your podcast content quickly!

3. Download your automatic podcast transcription

After a few minutes, you will receive your entire transcription(s) in your inbox. Your file is then ready for editing in Google Docs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast transcription refers to the use of manual transcription services or automatic transcription services to convert a podcast into a written transcript. The goal is to make audio content accessible to a wider audience of podcast listeners, as well as easier to search online.

Yes! Audiotype makes the audio transcription process easy. All you have to do is upload your podcast online, choose the language of your audio file, and wait a few minutes to receive your transcript.

With the rising popularity of podcasting. Podcast transcripts can boost your visibility in search engines and improve your domain authority. They make your content accessible to hard-of-hearing people and make it easier to share online.

  • Improved accessibility: an increasing number of podcast listeners are hard-of-hearing or deaf, and they may find podcast content difficult to access without a transcript. Text transcripts also increase accessibility for people who can’t devote the time or attention to listening to an entire podcast episode at once. Written transcriptions give listeners greater control over how and when they consume audio content.
  • Increased search engine optimization (SEO): podcast transcription improves your ability to be found online. Being able to read transcripts or get speak peaks of your podcasts makes it easier for potential listeners to determine if your episodes are interesting to them. Not only do transcriptions make episodes easier for search engine algorithms to recognize as meaningful pieces of content, but they also enable the effective use of tags, metadata, and keywords that drive boost SEO performance.
  • Better accessibility across different platforms: by having transcripts readily available online, you open yourself up to the possibility that someone may come across one of your podcast episodes on any platform. For example, you can put all your episode transcripts together in a section on your website or post transcript snippets on social media with links that direct users back to your podcast.
  • More visibility through repurposing: another major benefit of transcribing your podcast is the ability to repurpose the same message into different media formats such as written articles, visuals like infographics, or videos designed specifically for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. This can help boost engagement dramatically! Additionally, pop-up closed captioning helps reach viewers who may not even have headphones nearby!

Audiotype offers users a free trial so that you can see for yourself just how effective its podcast transcription tool is!

With Audiotype’s AI transcription tool, transcribing 1 hour of audio content takes less than 20 minutes!

Audiotype takes less than 5 minutes to transcribe podcasts or audio recordings that are 25 minutes in length. Efficiency at its finest!

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Steve D.
Steve D.
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I had over 16 hours of interview to transcribe. Thanks to Audiotype this was done in 30 minutes!
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Charles M
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Audiotype saved my life! Seriously I saved to much time transcribing tones of videos. Thank you guys!
Diana F
Diana F
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I record all my Zoom classes. Thanks to I was able to transcribe them all and send the transcript to my students.
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