Transcription software for journalists

Audiotype is a cloud-based transcription software that converts any video and audio files into editable text. Our software is perfectly fitted for journalists who need to transcribe their interviews.

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Save time with automatic transcription

Manual transcription can be a tremendous time consumming task. Using an automatic transcription software will help you save hours of time and focus on what you do best: journalism.
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All media formats supported

No need to convert your file in readable format. Our transcription software supports all the media (audio & video) formats. Simply upload them to start your transcription.

+30 accepted languages

Audiotype’s transcription software for journalist accept the most common languages in the world. Upload your files in any of those languages to convert them into text documents.
Transcription software reviews
Here’s what our users think of our transcription software.
Steve D.
Steve D.
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I had over 16 hours of interview to transcribe. Thanks to Audiotype this was done in 30 minutes!
Charles M
Charles M
Video producer
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Audiotype saved my life! Seriously I saved to much time transcribing tones of videos. Thank you guys!
Diana F
Diana F
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I record all my Zoom classes. Thanks to I was able to transcribe them all and send the transcript to my students.

Save hours of time​

Like you, our users save hours of precious time every week by transcribing their interviews with our software.

Free trial

Audiotype gives you the liberty to try our software first before using it fully in your workflow.

No account required

No need to fill another endless sign-up form. You are searching for transcription, that’s what you’ll get here.

Upload multiple files

You have more than one file? No problem, with Audiotype you can upload and get transcribed up to 10 files at the same time.

Export text format

Once your transcripts are ready, export your transcript into an editable text document and import in any text editor software like Pages or Microsoft Word.

Quick & easy

Our software is so very (very) fast. Automatic transcription should’t take more than 5 minutes for a 1 hour file long.

Why Audiotype is the best transcription software for journalists?

Secured and private

Our secured payment system let you do your interview transcription securely and privately.

Quick & easy to use

We are of the easiest software on the market. Upload, preview, transcribe, and that’s pretty much it!

No account required

Nothing to install, no account to create. Simply get straight to the point with our transcription software for journalists.
How much does it cost?

Audiotype transcription service for journalists is one of the most affordable on the market. It offers a convenient online platform, making it easy to get transcripts of audio recordings. With flat rates and discounts if you buy in bulk, Audiotype provides reporters with quality service, no matter the size of the project.

Try it before using it

Click on the button bellow to start upload your file and get a preview of your automatic transcription (for free of course).
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