Speech-to-Text API

Audiotype Speech-to-Text API provides developers with an efficient, effective solution for converting spoken audio into text-based documents. It streamlines the process, saving time and money while delivering accurate and reliable transcription.
					const request = {
  method: "POST",
  url: "https://api.audiotype.org/speech-to-text",
  headers: {
    Authorization: "YOUR_API_KEY",
  data: {
    providers: "default",
    language: "en",
    file_url: "https://URL_OF_MEDIA_FILE",

One API to rule them all

Compatible with +30 languages

Audiotype Speech-to-Text API is an international online speech recognition technology that transcribes audio and video files in over 30 languages. With the help of artificial intelligence and advanced mathematical algorithms, the tool provides a fast and accurate transcription of audio, no matter what language it is in.

Frequently Asked Questions

A voice-to-text converter is a type of voice recognition software that converts speech into text using algorithms designed to recognize individual words and phrases. People use transcription services for various purposes. For example, law enforcement often uses automatic transcription software to provide safe and accurate incident reports.

Most speech-to-text converters work by converting incoming sound waves into digital data through specialized microphones or audio interfaces. The data is then analyzed by the softwareโ€™s engine to determine what words were spoken based on algorithms that attempt to recognize sounds based on their frequency, strength, and duration. Once the words are identified, they are translated into text format for easy viewing and editing by the user.

Transcribing speech to text is essential in many fields from journalism to research. Doing it manually takes a lot of time, so the availability of speedier methods like automatic speech-to-text converters is beneficial to users. Transcription services allow users to save a lot of time by sending them accurate transcripts in a matter of minutes!

To convert voice recordings to text, users have two main options: automatic transcription software or human transcription services. As you can imagine, converter tools are much more efficient and cost-effective. You can try Audiotype’s speech-to-text solution online without having to download software or create an account!

The fastest way to convert Speech-to-Text is by using automatic transcription software. Audiotype converts audio files in a matter of minutes!

Audiotype is one of the fastest Speech-to-Text converters online. It takes our converter tool a third of the time of the duration of your file. This means that a 1-hour file takes under 20 minutes to transcribe!

One API to rule them all

The Audiotype Speech-to-Text API enables developers to utilize multiple AI-powered speech-to-text APIs using one single API key.

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