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Thanks to Audiotype, transcribing audio and video files to text online has never been easier. With our service, you can transcribe your Microsoft Teams meeting recording in under 5 minutes, all without having to create an account!

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Transforming your audio and video files into text has never been easier with our transcription tool. With support for the most popular audio and video formats, you can easily convert your recordings into written documents. Plus, our tool makes it easy to get transcripts for your Microsoft Teams meetings in just a few clicks without downloading any software.

Instant transcription

Forget about manually transcribing Microsoft Teams meetings. With our service, you can easily convert your recordings into written documents, saving you time and effort.

Upload multiple files

Upload up to 10 files simultaneously, saving you time and effort. With our service, you can kill two birds with one stone and quickly convert all of your meetings into accurate text documents.

No account required

We are the only transcription software that doesnโ€™t require Microsoft Teams users or anyone to create an account to start transcribing their meetings.

Free trial

Take advantage of our free trial to see how easy it is to use our software for video and audio transcriptions. Pay only if youโ€™re satisfied!

Speaker detection

This transcription feature makes your life easy by splitting the transcript into paragraphs everytime a new speaker talks or after a pause.

Share with your team

Remote workers and individuals can copy/paste the link of their online Microsoft Teams meeting transcription. Sharing is caring!

How to transcribe a Microsoft Teams meetings?

1. Record your Microsoft Teams meeting

Begin by logging into your Microsoft Teams account and joining or hosting a meeting.

2. Upload your Teams recording

Once the meeting is over, select the Teams recording that you wish to transcribe and upload it to Audiotype. You can upload up to 10 audio or video files, each of which should not exceed 5GB.

3. Select the spoken language in your meeting

Choose the language for the transcription. Audiotype supports over 30 languages and can recognize different accents for more accurate transcripts.

4. Get your meeting transcript

Our automatic transcription service will convert your Microsoft Teams meeting to text in just a few minutes, depending on the length of your file. You will receive an email notification once your transcript is ready.

5. Export and share your transcript

Export the transcript in the format of your choice – text (.txt, .docx, .pdf) or subtitles (.vtt, .srt). With Audiotype, transcribing Microsoft Teams meetings has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Microsoft Teams does not have a built-in feature for real-time transcription. However, there are third-party services available, such as Audiotype, that can transcribe your meetings after they have ended.
The accuracy of your transcriptions will depend on factors such as the quality of your audio and the clarity of the speakers. However, Audiotype’s transcription service utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.
Audiotype’s transcription service supports over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

The time it takes to transcribe a meeting will depend on the length of the file. However, Audiotype’s automatic transcription service can typically transcribe files in just a few minutes. Our transcription software usually need a third of the file duration to fully transcribe your file. For example: a 1 hour meeting will be transcribed in about 20 minutes.

Yes, with Audiotype, you can edit your transcripts after they have been generated. This is especially useful if you need to correct any errors or make adjustments to the text.

Audiotype’s automatic transcription software is designed to work with meetings where multiple people speak. Our software recognises different voices and splits the transcription into paragraphs, making it easy to follow along with who is speaking. With Audiotype, you can be confident that your transcript will accurately reflect the conversation that took place in the meeting, no matter how many people were involved.
Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform developed by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools. It is a chat-based workspace that enables teams to communicate and collaborate on projects in real-time. The platform allows users to share files, hold virtual meetings, and integrate with other Microsoft and third-party applications. Microsoft Teams is designed to improve team productivity and efficiency by centralizing communication and collaboration in a single platform.

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Audiotype is now saved as one of my favorites. By the way, the cost was very reasonable as well. Thanks guys!!!
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Great transcription! There were a few typos but it gets the job done! Will use it again!
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As an RH manager I have to take notes for many interviews, this solution saved me a lot of time.
Louis A.
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Super quick and reliable! It makes mistakes sometimes but its pretty efficient!
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Amazing, quick and reliable ! 100% recommended
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Great tool! Saved me tons of time!
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