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Audiotype multilingual transcription software is a great option for anyone who needs to transcribe audio or video files in multiple languages. This powerful software accepts 30 or more languages and is one of the most affordable of its kind in the market. With an intuitive user interface, anyone can easily get started with this software. It offers fast and accurate automated transcription, as well as plugins for easy integration into existing workflows.

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Make your transcript more readable with our Auto-punctuation feature.

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Our AI transcription software automatically detect mutltiple speaker in your audio file.

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Our transcription service is super fast. For example, we transcribe an 1 hour long file in 5 minutes. Bear in mind that this is just an estimation and thay may vary with the file size.
Using Audiotype's transcription services is the guarantee of having a fast accurate Korean transcription for any or your audio and video files.
Once your transcription is completed you can export your Korean transcript in any text of subtitles format that you want. We offer a variety of files such as PDF, ,DOCX, TXT, SRT or VTT.
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Steve D.
Steve D.
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I had over 16 hours of interview to transcribe. Thanks to Audiotype this was done in 30 minutes!
Charles M
Charles M
Video producer
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Audiotype saved my life! Seriously I saved to much time transcribing tones of videos. Thank you guys!
Diana F
Diana F
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I record all my Zoom classes. Thanks to audiotype.org I was able to transcribe them all and send the transcript to my students.

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